Our Family


The Caribbean Foundation for Children, Inc.'s mission is to champion all causes related to children with a specific emphasis on education, medical and housing.

For the past 15 years, we have been helping families with sick children bring their child to America for medical attention. We provided a place to stay when they were visiting doctors, provided hearing aids when they could not afford them and provided scholarships to schools in America.

Our President

Jonathan Henville, President, is a cancer survivor and the person from whose life’s circumstances generated the ideas for starting this non-profit corporation. Jonathan has been helping children and their families over the years with his own earnings with food, clothing, and school supplies. Jonathan and his siblings raised money some years ago to build a Habitat home for a family in need after their son became Jonathan’s close friend and he learned through their friendship of the family’s hardship.

We are convinced that Jonathan’s life was speared for the higher purpose of helping other families not lose their children to sickness because limited finances restrict their access to second opinions and better health care. We never want to see another child die because their family cannot afford the cost of a visit to America to receive a second opinion on a medical condition.

Our Mission

We will to champion all causes related to children with a specific emphasis on education, medical, housing and community.

We will to work with medical providers and non-profits to provide medical assistance and hearing aids to children. We also will to stand firmly against childhood diseases and malnutrition by promoting proper nutrition.

With regard to education, we will to provide scholarships to children to enable them to attend primary school. We also will to prepare and recruit professional and highly qualified teachers for understaffed schools and low-income schools in the United States and the Caribbean. We will to provide school supplies, equipment, and grants to teachers and schools to enhance the teaching/learning situation and we will to provide library books to schools and community libraries. In order to help foster and build a community, we also will to be prepared to provide assistance to families in need whose good economic situation becomes destroyed because of disasters beyond their control, such as hurricanes, earthquakes and floods.